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The 32nd Annual – Mountain Masochist Trail Run

Online entries are now closed but you can still enter via the above link to the paper overflow app.

In contrast to filling an entry spot as soon as one becomes available, I will draw for those entries on September 9. Your check will be cashed ONLY if your entry is drawn and accepted at this time. In the event your entry is NOT drawn, you will then be placed in queue, according to the postal date of your  entry, for the next available spot. No more entries will be accepted after Oct. 25. There will be no online overflow entries. Race management holds the right to refuse any entry.

Clark Zealand


Started in 1983, the MMTR has earned its reputation for being one of the “best trail races in the east”. The 50 mile course itself is a physically challenging combination of roads, jeep trails, and single track that can cause even the most experienced runner to breathe a sigh of relief at the finish line in Montebello, VA. Ample aid stations and tried and true organization makes the race a perfect first 50 miler. However, you must train hard for this race; you must train yourself physically, mentally, and maybe even spiritually if you want to accomplish something truly remarkable!

The MMTR is event #5 in the Beast Series and the last of the 4 LUS events.